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Friday, 7 August 2015

How to save money on makeup: Part 2!

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog post about how to save money on makeup, and it became quite a well received post so I decided to write a second part of that blog post, as I have so many more tips and tricks up my sleeve to share with you! 

It becomes a bit overwhelming when you’re shopping for makeup, and it’s so easy to get carried away with all the beautiful little goodies on display, but its worth while getting into the habit of the following tips so you’re bank account won’t regret it later! 

If you want to have a little read of my part 1 blog post on saving money on makeup, please feel free to check it out, there’s a lot of really helpful tips on that one! 

Stick to the essentials- It’s important to prioritise what you feel are essential makeup items when you’re shopping; this could include foundation, concealer, powder, I would say any face products that are going to hide all those dark circles and blemishes should be an essential. This way you’ve kept some money aside for those items and if you’ve ended up spending less money than you thought, you can get yourself a little trick! 

 Prep, Prime and Set- You might think this is just a helpful makeup trick that has nothing to do with helping you to save money on makeup, but it does. It’s so simple yet it’s something people tend to forget. Preparing your skin by using a primer, then setting the makeup with powder and a good setting spray will help your makeup stay on much longer. But another purpose this serves is this actually helps you save money; because by doing this you’re not touching up your makeup so often, which obviously means you’re not running out on your essentials like foundation and concealer as quickly! I recommend using a good setting spray like the Urban Decay All Nighter Spray, the bottle will last you ages and you’re makeup won’t budge – It’s in the name!

Recycle for free products in return- Mac in particular, has a well known “Back to Mac” program that accepts old makeup containers. The best part is, for doing this small act of kindness to the environment, you get a free Mac lipstick of your choice! This will definitely save you some pennies on a must have product that your bank account will definitely thank you for! 

Look deeper- This isn’t known to many, but large makeup stores and department stores with big brand names will always place the most expensive products at eye level. This of course sounds like a simple marketing trick which is so blindingly obvious, yet it’s something most shoppers won’t catch on. It’s so easy to get carried away when you’ve got a ton of stunning products calling your name, but try looking beneath eye level for slightly cheaper products. You’ll be pleasantly surprised that a lot of these “cheaper” products are the same quality, or will do the same job as the more expensive “eye level” products. 

Sale, sale and sale- Yes, I know it’s obvious! You’re probably reading this and thinking “Yes well obviously Alice!” but it’s something a lot of people won’t take advantage of. There’s so many different ways you can take advantage of sales and discount on some of your favourite makeup brands. This can be signing up for newsletters at sites like BeautyBay and FeelUnique, where they frequently hold sales on amazing must-have products! It’s such an easy thing to do and it will save you a lot of pennies on that little treat you’ve had your eye on! 

I wasn’t planning on writing a part 2 of my “How to save money on makeup” blog post I wrote a few weeks ago, but because these tips are so useful I wanted to do another one. Following these tips it becomes so easy to save your hard earned money on makeup and beauty products, you don’t need to regret spending your money on products that aren’t worth it! I hope this blog post has been somewhat helpful to anyone who wants calm their shopping habits down a bit and save a few pennies. Let me know if you’ve got any more tips of this topic, it’s always something I’d like to get a bit better at! 

Thanks for reading! 

Alice D x 


  1. Thank you for your tips ! :)

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    1. It's my pleasure! Glad you found them helpful!

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